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Yangwha Business Processing Outsourcing Incorporated

Yangwha BPO Inc.

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Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) is the delegation of one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider that, in turn, owns, administrates and manages the selected processes based on defined and measurable performance metrics. (Gartner)

Please see below the generally accepted benefits of outsourcing selected components of your company processes together with why we feel the Philippines is a strong outsourcing destination.

Cost efficiency

By working with the Outsourcing companies in the Philippines, Australian businesses can potentially save 35% to 55% of operational costs. This is because of the low cost of living in the country

Cultural compatibility

A country formerly colonized by the Spanish, Americans, and Japanese, the Philippines continues to show remnants of its past. Western culture is still entrenched in people’s everyday lives.

English proficiency

A significant  number of Filipinos are fluent in English. Most local children learn the language even before they start going to school. Their English proficiency is further reinforced once they start getting a formal education. English is the medium of instruction used in schools in the Philippines and is the primary language for local commerce. The sixth edition of EF’s English Proficiency Index ranked the Philippines in the 13th place for English proficiency worldwide. The country ranks third in Asia, bested only by Malaysia and Singapore.

Highly skilled workforce

The Philippines has a large young population that is growing faster than the country’s dependent children and retired workforce. The median age of this young population is 25 years old. Beyond just resulting in an abundant supply of manpower, the statistics also amount to a highly educated workforce. Every year, local universities and colleges produce an addition of 500,000+ to the pool of skilled and qualified workers. As per experts, the Philippines will continue to benefit from this young and talented workforce in the coming years.

Flexible workforce

Building an offshore team in the Philippines allows you to scale quickly and efficiently without any capital investment or infrastructure requirements.  You can expand a team quickly and cost efficiently.  Equally, you can shrink your team again, if you have seasonal work, or your business takes a turn for the worse.

Opportunity for Existing Process Evaluation

As we focus on your current processes in the commencement phase of installing this service, this provides both parties with the opportunity to review your current methodoloy which like many companies has often evoloved through default due to lack of resources and therefore is not best practice. This process alone has provided our clients many efficiency gains.

Reduced legal liabilities & management issues

Employing staff in any country comes with a lot of regulation, compliance, administration, tax and cost implications.  Some countries and sectors are more burdensome than others.  Hiring offshore staff via a Philippine outsourcing supplier means that you can protect yourself from the exposure and recourse of employing people in-house, or direct.

This does not mean that you can ill-treat your team, but it does simplify your administrative processes and limits any cost and liability exposure.

The Philippines actually has very established labor law and they are generally pro-labor.  It can be a complex system if you need to have direct involvement with it.  However, when you work with an outsourcing supplier, they will manage all of the day-to-day and compliance aspects of your team’s HR.

Data security and privacy

The Philippines has been an outsourcing destination of choice for 25 years.  In that time it has built a sophisticated industry, and a strong regulatory environment in support of the sector.  The Philippines outsourcing sector has been processing highly sensitive client data for over two decades now.  Everything from US health insurance, medical records, and personal financial data – for some of the world’s biggest public and private companies – is all processed by Philippine outsourcing industry.  The Philippines can provide compliant environments and work systems, and the country has adopted one of the most stringent data privacy acts (modelled on the European GDPR).

24/7 staffing

Timezone neutral The Philippines workforce is highly geared towards 24/7 coverage.  So regardless of your company’s timezone, or the timezone of your clients – the Philippines can cover your requirements.

The single biggest client-country of the Philippines is the USA, and they have a 12-hour time difference.  So there is still about 60%+ of the outsourcing workforce in the Philippines that work the nightshift, to cover the US hours.  This is very normalised in the Philippines.  Equally, rotating shifts and weekend cover are also very standard and accepted conditions within the outsourcing industry.

These traits are particularly applicable for customer service and online sales functions where it is a common requirement to have 24/7 support coverage.

Track record of the BPO industry

Now spanning a history of over 25 years, the business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines saw its beginnings in the year 1992. The industry has since earned a ten-fold increase in its total revenue. The country’s BPO sector has a global market share of 10%, which is a three-fold increase since 2004. This global market share is estimated to be at 15% by 2022.

About Yangwha BPO

About Yangwha BPO

Yangwha Business Processing Outsourcing Inc. was the latest company to join the Yangwha Group of Companies . The Yangwha group had been increasingly receiving BPO enquiries from our long-standing existing Australian clients who had utilized our offshore recruitment services over the years.  These clients had grown to value our approach to providing them with a service and would rather continue with us in our new BPO venture, than go to a more established BPO provider. We have now been operating successfully as a BPO company for over 6 years.

Our offshore recruitment company, Yangwha Global Pty Ltd., and migration company, Yangwha Visa Consultancy Services Inc. dovetail very effectively with this BPO service. We have been able to draw from our recruiting service experience (5,000 Filipinos deployed to Australia) that has been extremely beneficial in recruiting the most effective and efficient staff for our BPO Company in the Philippines, to service our Australian clients.

When setting up Yangwha BPO, we decided on the following Business Processing Outsourcing Models:

  • Offshore Outsourcing Model

Offshore outsourcing mostly attracts nations who have high labor costs and are aiming for lower prices without sacrificing the quality of the services they are paying for.

  • Managed Team Model 

In this model, both the host company and the outsourcing service provider agree to share responsibilities and designate which task belongs to whom. The client also has a control over the team to ensure they get their desired outcomes. Our model is not a strict template process which endeavors to offer the lowest price in the marketplace . We believe that there should be scope and flexibility within our processes to allow the relationship with the client to develop to it’s full potential and therefor avoid  false economy.

  •  Cost plus pricing model

Fixed management fee.

Labour cost reimbursement of Filipino staff dedicated to client.  These costs are agreed upon between the client and Yangwha and are locked down in the service contract.

Why Choose Yangwha BPO?

Why Choose Yangwha BPO?

Yangwha BPO has chosen to service a relatively small client base and to rely on growth to come from the growth of our clients.  This boutique style business model which is in contrast to the industry giants with their thousands of stations, allows us to create a sense of loyalty and belonging amongst our staff to Yangwha and its clients.  This sense of identity flows through to the client and produces an excellent working relationship. 

Why Choose Yangwha BPO?

How It Works?

Determine your business processing needs

Yangwha will work with you to determine what business processes can be outsourced, what would be the most efficient way to do so, and how much it would cost.

Create a custom solution

Once your specific needs are determined, Yangwha will create a custom outsourcing solution tailored to your business.

Implement and monitor the solution

Yangwha will help you implement the outsourcing solution and will monitor its progress to ensure that it is working as efficiently as possible.